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Transfer Money 24*7 with Truepay Payout instantly anywhere

Now experience a platform that understands your business better and helps you transfer money efficiently with speed and convenience.

Make payouts your way.

Choose from different types of payout options to transfer money as per your choice.

Single Payments

Option to add beneficiary and process the payments instantly using NEFT/RTGS /UPI.

Scheduled Payments

Business can schedule the payments to avoid missing out on due dates for utility bills or to schedule a vendor payment for a later date.

Bulk Payments

Option to bulk upload payout in Excel Format and payout will be processed to user account instantly.

Queuing Payment

No worries, If balance is low in your payout account, Still you can initiate the payout request, payout will be in queue till sufficient balance is available once sufficient balance is available it will be processed automatically.

No More Hassle In Sending Money To Anyone, Anywhere.

Payment gateway 9- truepay

Balance Threshold Alerts

User can Setup the alerts incase balance below that limit , User can top up the payout account using payment gateway or NEFT/RTGS.

Payment gateway 13- truepay

Payout Links

Business can send payout links over emails and SMS to send payments instantly without the hassle of fetching and validating bank details.

Payment gateway 12- truepay

Beneficiary Management

Beneficiary Management system which enables you to add, manage and save beneficiaries for future payouts.

Payment gateway 10- truepay

Automated Reconciliation & Status check

Transactions will be auto-reconciled along with ability to check status for any transactions using API.

Complete Card & Wallet Tool Kit.

Think beyond banking experience

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Instant Payouts

Payment gateway 18- truepay

Payment Without User Addition

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Instant Refund

Payment gateway 19- truepay

Powerful API and Intuitive dashboard